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We provide recruitment services to corporate clients in industries like Oil & Gas, Petrochem, Banking, Financial Services, IT, Hospitality, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Real Estate & Construction.

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The driving force behind a company's growth and success comes from its employees. All other elements - products, service, strategy, finance, sales, etc. are secondary because they are designed, decided, performed and/or managed by one or more of its employees. Acquiring and retaining the best employees is crucial to success and has always been a challenge over years. It has only become a bigger challenge with the advent of modern technology and social networking.

Currently, employers face either of two challenges when it comes to recruiting – scarcity of candidates with the combination of the right skills and attitude or an abundance of applicants making it difficult to identify who the best is. We agree with Einstein, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them". So here we are – to find creative solutions to the most pressing talent acquisition challenges faced today!

We are an HR consulting firm that focuses on providing recruitment solutions to business clients in the MENA region. As our name suggests, we are deeply inspired by the renowned author Edward de Bono - one of the leading lights in the field of creative thinking, who pioneered the Green Hat concept of creative thinking. Based on this approach, we believe that there are alternate, unconventional solutions for the talent and HR issues companies face in the MENA region today.

We are committed to identify a win-win solution that will help your team and company to hire the best people and help you steer to the next level of growth. Our services are guided by the principles of collaboration, creativity and integrity. To discuss your current requirement with our Client Service Manager, email us on info@greenhathr.com.

"The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world."

:: Steve Jobs ::

Our Services



Retained Resourcing

Our exclusive retainer agreement is the ideal solution for you if you do not have internal recruitment resources but want to avoid the hassle of working with multiple agencies. We ensure you best talent for all your vacancies at a better pricing.

Contingent Search

This is a "no hire, no fee" approach. As a client you receive candidates matching your requirement. Candidates are pre-screened and assessed on the basis of technical & managerial skills as well as motivational, cultural & organisational fitment.

Executive Search

Your executive team can break or make your company. We can help you identify and attract right candidates for C level & Director level positions, through talent mapping and our wide level of contacts in different industries.


We can provide you an experienced recruiter working exclusively for you, at your office, to facilitate seamless integration and collaboration. The recruiter will also have access to our candidate database & talent mapping resources.

Outsourced Interviews

By leveraging our wide network of connections, we can arrange a panel of experts to conduct technical screening interviews for your candidates. We provide you with feedback in the form of customised assessment reports with ranking.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews will help you to understand how you can retain your best employees. Outsource your exit interview to get more candid and open information about why your employees leave, and what you can do to retain them.

Reference Verification

Our reference checks will not only verify factual employment information but will also collate personality / performance inputs before you proceed with the crucial hiring decision. The reporting format is customised for each position.

HR Projects

We undertake short-term HR projects like developing job descriptions, developing HR templates, preparing employee manuals and handbooks, conducting employee surveys, HR audits, and market compensation surveys.

Consulting & Advisory

We provide specialised consulting in the areas of HR policy, performance management framework & employer branding and also provide techno-functional consulting for HR software implementations & careers page development.

"I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies."

:: Lawrence Bossidy ::

Our Methodology



Our retained resourcing service is based on four pillars namely Requirement Gathering, Sourcing, Screening and Collaborative communication.

Requirement Gathering: We invest time to understand your business and operations in detail. We also collect specific information on what you expect from your next hire at different time lines – from day one to three years down the line. We are also keen to know about your organisational culture and leadership style, as we believe cultural fitment is as important as knowledge, skills and experience. We articulate a hiring requirement only after such a detailed study. We also share with you market information on what is available and what else is possible.

Sourcing: Our researches proactively contact and introduce the opportunity to passive candidates with relevant experience who are working in the same industry via headhunting and networking. We do not compel anyone to apply. However, our experienced consultants are capable of explaining and aligning your requirements and benefits in line with a potential candidate's goals and ambitions. We also consider candidates from our internal database, external candidate databases and direct applicants to job advertisements. We strictly use multi-channel sourcing and talent mapping methodology to ensure a rich pool of prospective candidates to select from thereby ensuring that both passive and active candidates are being considered for the vacant position.

Screening: We thoroughly screen all candidates interested in the role and present only the best suited ones for your vacancy. Apart from CV screening, we also conduct a telephonic interview, in-person meeting or online interview with the candidate. This helps us to assess the candidate and understand his aspirations. Profile matching is done considering different aspects like knowledge, skills, experience, motivational factors, organisational, cultural, leadership style, organisation's life cycle stage etc. We also consider requirements related to mobility, location, working hours, legal and demographic matters. We prepare detailed assessment report for each candidate in the form of interview assessment sheets, which helps senior executives to significantly cut down the time and number of interviews needed to hire the right person.

Collaborative communication: We believe in collaborating and communicating with our clients at every step of the process. We might ask a lot of questions to understand your real needs. We share all what we know to facilitate the hiring decision making process. We believe that collaborative communication is the key to long-term engagement with our clients – as a partner not as a vendor.

"Development can help great people be even better--but if I had a dollar to spend, I'd spend 70 cents getting the right person in the door."

:: Paul Russell ::

Why Us

Our Strengths

Our greatest asset is our human capital. We at Green Hat HR Consulting are passionate about recruitment, and our passion shows in the quality of our service. Our collective network of potential candidates is the cornerstone of our service. We cherish our strong capabilities in the areas of recruiting, researching, headhunting, networking, social media sourcing, candidate assessment, and persuasive communication.

We build on our capabilities by constantly undergoing training to improve ourselves as recruiters. We strive for continuous process improvement by developing, following and benchmarking best recruitment practices. Our understanding about various industries, talent market and local regulations coupled with our expertise in recruitment helps us to deliver quality service to our clients.

We have heavily invested in technology to provide efficient service turn around for our clients. This includes a well maintained in-house database with built-in search facilities, a strong online network and followership on both professional and social networking sites, state-of-the-art prospect & applicant tracking system.

Value for Clients

Reaching and convincing passive talent: We are experts in identifying, contacting and convincing those hidden gems – people who may be the right fit for your position but are not actively seeking jobs at the moment. They won't go through job advertisements, online job boards, or even update their CV for years but are highly engaged employees currently working elsewhere. We ensure that for every vacant position you get a good choice of passive candidates to select from.

Assessing Talent: For most vacancies, there would be many candidates meeting the minimum criteria. We add value by conducting assessment of the most qualified candidates based on a thorough and professional interview. Our expertise in determining the best among good candidates and ability to rationally justify our recommendations helps you in making faster and more accurate hiring decisions.

Mediating and Closing: We know that even if we are good at everything else, we add value only when we close a position. We also understand that it is the rapport with our candidates that leads to successfully closing a position. Our relationship with our candidates is based on mutual trust and transparency. This enables us to keep our candidates engaged and interested in the position thorough out the recruitment process by aligning the opportunity with personal aspirations, clarifying doubts, guiding through the resignation and possible counter offers, facilitating joining formalities etc., and above all just being available at the time of need. Our clients benefit from this influential relationship we have with our candidates.

Value for Job Seekers

We understand how stressful the job search process is and we are happy to assist you. We review EVERY resume we receive and maintain a comprehensive database. Your experience, interests and aspirations are important to us.

Hence we invest time to listen and try to understand more about you, before we consider you for a role. Preparation is the key to performing well in an interview. Prior to personal interview with the client, we share the full details of the role and organization with shortlisted candidates. We don't share your information with any employer without obtaining prior approval from you.

Looking to make the next career move? Send us your CV and we will definitely be in touch if your experience matches one of our requirements. Email your resume and covering letter to apply@greenhathr.com

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

:: Red Adair ::

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